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Curly Miss is Perth’s first and only Curly Girl Method friendly online store and our vision is to provide a one stop shop for all things Curly Girl. From your cleansers and co-wash, to your conditioners and styling products. Microfibre towels and diffusers, wide tooth combs and even curl friendly hair bands. If you need it because you have naturally curly hair, then we aim to stock it. We don’t stock products that are not suitable for curlies following the curly girl method but we still list all the ingredients so you can check for yourself.

We know what it’s like to have spent your whole life hating the hair you were born with. Comparing yourself to the naturally straight haired beauties in our lives and longing to have shiny frizz free gorgeous straight locks. For a long time society has told us that beauty is perfectly placed straight hair with no frizz. Curlies have used every method known to man to try and achieve this look. Chemical straightening, flat irons and endless scraping back and pulling! Who else’s parents had no idea what to do with curly hair? Who else’s parents sent them to a regular salon for a hair cut only to come home with the worst cut known to man? Hands up! We see you!

Well thankfully no more! Introducing Curly Miss for Curly Girls.

Now is the time of the Curlies. It’s time to embrace what you were born with. A time for education on proper curl care and a host of products specifically formulated with you curly haired beauties in mind. No matter where you come from or what stage of the journey you are at, embracing your natural beauty is a wonderful moment and it is our wish that more and more curlies find the courage to embrace their own natural beauty.

There is nothing nicer than seeing a natural curly, rockin’ what she was born with, head held high and loving herself. A little bit of knowledge and a few good products go a long way. If you are just starting out on your own journey, welcome! There is a lot of information out there and it can get confusing. Persevere though, because the results are worth it. They speak for themselves.

Remember that no two curlies are the same. No two curly journey’s will be the same. Embrace yours. Love yours.

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