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Thermal Hair Care Comic Hot Head™

Embrace your pop art side with this amazing Comic Hot Head. A super fun comic print is perfectly paired with a vibrant red terry cloth creating a Wow! affect.

Amplify up your deep conditioning days with this Hot Head™ Microwaveable Heat Cap. Get more out of your deep treatment with deeper nourishment and moisture for your hair thanks to this natural flaxseed cap.


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Comic Deep Conditioning Heat Cap


This Comic Deep Conditioning Heat Cap is a Thermal Hair Care Hot Head™. The original flaxseed filled microwavable deep conditioning heat cap that allows you to perform salon quality treatments in the comfort of your home

Their new and improved design offers complete flaxseed coverage throughout, with superior heat distribution.


Applying heat to a deep conditioning treatment allows the hairs cuticle to open. This allows the deep treatment to penetrate the hair shaft, providing deeper nourishment and moisture from the inside out.


  1. Wash hair as normal and gently towel dry to ensure your hair is not dripping. Apply your deep conditioning treatment of choice. Follow with a disposable shower cap to completely cover your hair and hair line.
  2. Place your Comic Hot Head™ Deep Conditioning Heat Cap flat on a clean glass or ceramic microwaveable safe plate. Heat in a 1000w* microwave with the elastic facing up for 45 sec. 
  3. Remove and flip Hot Head™ inside out and place back in the microwave and heat with the elastic side up for a further 45 sec.
  4. For the last time remove your Hot Head™ from the microwave and flip it inside out again. Place it back in the microwave and heat for a final 45 sec.
  5. Place your Hot Head Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Heat Cap over the plastic shower cap. Leave for between 20-30 minutes for best results. Your cap may be reheated in 20 sec increments if needed. Be sure you do not exceed 3 minutes of heating in total!

Each heat cap is fully reversible and easy to use. No cords and no plugs mean you are able to perform your deep treatment whilst on the move. The good news is you won’t have to sit under a heat lamp for 45 minutes!

Don’t forget, using a disposable shower cap underneath your Hot Head is essential as your Hot Head cannot be washed!

A couple of things to note*:
  • Reduce the power level if your microwave wattage exceeds 1000w. Please refer to your microwave owners manual to find out how to do this.
  • Do not overheat as there is a risk of fire! Always watch your Hot Head™ closely. 
  • Microwaves vary. Heating times are approximate.
  • Touch test your cap to make sure it’s not too hot to avoid burns.
  • Do not heat in a conventional oven or on the stop top. Microwave only!


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